Culture Business Parc exhibition «Mycorrhiza Fascination» from Patricia Amweg-Ulmann

The works of art by Patrica Amweg-Ulmann will be on display in the foyer of the Business Parc from 1 February to the end of May 2024.

The public opening of the exhibition «Mycorrhiza Fascination» by Patricia Amweg-Ulmann will take place on Thursday, 29 February, at 18:00 in the foyer of the Business Parc.

The exhibition will be open from the beginning of February until the end of May 2024 during office hours from 8:00 to 12:15 and 13:15 to 17:00.

The Business Parc offers a platform for artists as part of the “Culture Business Parc” programme. The works of Patricia Amweg-Ulmann mark the fifteenth art exhibition at the Business Parc.

About the artist
Patricia Amweg-Ulmann was born in Basel in 1964, is a graduate of the Visual Art School in Münchenstein and a member of the SGBK, the Swiss Society of Women Artists. The artist focusses primarily on the themes of nature. She tries to change our familiar ways of looking at a natural element. It is important to her to draw attention to unknown phenomena or invisible processes in nature or simply to change the way we look at things. The artist has recently been working intensively on the subject of mycorrhizal fungi. The mycorrhizal fungal threads, which fulfil a very important ecological task in the hidden soil and are usually invisible to us, are made visible.

About the project
“During my research and my visit to the WSL Birmensdorf, I learnt that agriculture is already using the mycorrhizal fungus. It is expected to increase yields and quality in vegetable cultivation, for example, as the fungus activates natural soil life, improves root and accelerates shoot growth and increases resistance to pests. However, organic cultivation is a prerequisite, as the various pesticides and fungicides destroy the sensitive mycorrhizal fungus. Our industry has also discovered these fungal threads. The production of the fungal threads is completely natural and the range of applications is very diverse. It ranges from insulation boards to packaging materials to floor coverings, furniture or articles of daily use ( The material is compostable, has a positive ecological balance and is 100% biodegradable. I am convinced that we will hear a lot more about mycorrhizal fungi, because the development of commercial applications is still in its infancy. There is still still room for improvement.”

Exhibition «Mycorrhiza Fascination» from Patricia Amweg-Ulmann

Duration: 01.02.-31.05.2024
Vernissage: 29.02.2024 at 14.00
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