Culture Business Parc exhibition «Wild» with the works of Yann Couedel

The artworks of Yann Couedel will be presented in the foyer of the Business Parc from September 01 until the end of January.

The exhibition is open to the public from the beginning of September until the end of January 2024 during office hours from 8:00 to 12:15 and 13:15 to 17:00.

As part of “Culture Business Parc”, the Business Parc offers a platform for cultural artists. The works of Yann Couedel are the fourteenth art exhibition to be held at the Business Parc.

About the project
On the border between the real and the imaginary, «Wild» is a photographic project showing a series of animals in search of new territories. Their unusual presence in abandoned industrial areas makes us smile and raises questions at the same time: Should we expect such a scenario in the coming decades? «Wild» reminds us of the urgency of the situation: consequences of climate change, impact of human activities on wildlife, disruption of ecosystems…
The works on display were created from photo collages and inserts of different materials (metal, mirrors, concrete, etc.). The 3D effect of the perspectives and architectural elements invites the viewer to look at each work from different angles. From the goods station to the banks of the Rhine, the photographer shapes the architectural environment of Basel and the region according to his own taste.

About the artist
Inspired by architecture and impressed by encounters with wild animals on his travels in Tanzania and the United States, Yann Couedel likes to play with contrasts in his works. Some of his works are exhibited in galleries in Copenhagen, Denmark, where the photographer lived for several years. Based in Reinach for a year, he also works as a primary school teacher and coordinates art projects with schools. His 3D concept and his interest in Scandinavian cultures have attracted the attention of the Festival les Boréales in Normandy, where he will present a new exhibition on architecture in Iceland in November 2023.

Exhibition «Wild» by Yann Couedel

Duration: 01.09.-31.01.2024
Vernissage: 30.11.2023 at 17:30