The Business Parc and its innovative start-ups are part of the Industrienacht Regio Basel 2024!

Get a taste of the start-up spirit, get to know exciting companies from different sectors and get tips and tricks for founding your own company.

WELCOME to the Business Parc for a night full of excitement and discoveries!

STARTUP MARKTPLATZ – explore exciting start-ups from various sectors, get to know them better and immerse yourself in their world.

Date: Friday, 19.04.2024, 17.00 h – 24.00 h
Location: Business Parc, Christoph Merian-Ring 11, 4153 Reinach

On 19 April, the Industrienacht Regio Basel will open up new perspectives on the fascinating worlds of work in the Basel region. The programme will be published soon! Further information and ticket sales at

We would be delighted to welcome you to the Business Parc!